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Links2Go.gif (4364 bytes)This page can be used to put images of your unidentified species of Bromeliaceae for discussion and review by Bromeliad specialists on the Internet. Additions will be published on Brom-L discussion list. Images, slides, photos of fertile plants are preferable including as much origin information as possible and can be sent to the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens ( Replies about the images will be published as part of the reply pages.  In red the outcoming of the discussion will be given (see Index). Please use the Form  below for your reply.

  1. Tillandsia spec.#1 Bolivia, prov. Santa Cruz, road from Santa Cruz to Samaipata, 60 km from Samaipata, on verticalrock. Det.: Tillandsia bermejoensis Hromadnik
  2. Vriesea cf. declinata garden number 97GR01015. This plant is of garden origin (no data). It is close to Vriesea psittacina and probably to V.declinata. Det: Vriesea pauperrima E. Pereira
  3. Guzmania spec.#1 [detail]garden number 97GR00049. This plant is of garden origin (no data). It is close to Guzmania sphearoidea.  [see replies]
  4. Pitcairnia cf. maidifolia garden number 67GR00091. This plant is of garden origin (no data). [see replies]
  5. Aechmea spec.#1 plant photographed in a garden on St' Eustatius by Leo Wijffels (Netherlands)  [see replies]
  6. Tillandsia cf. lorentziana from C.S.Gouda: Bolivia, near San Isodro, 1995
  7. Tillandsia cf. yuncharaensis from  E.J. & C.S.Gouda: Bolivia, road from Cochabamba to Coracollo, ca. km 30, near Parotani, alt. 2750 m, 1995. Det.: Tillandsia cochabambae Rauh
  8. Tillandsia cf. virescens (labeled T. recurvata yellow) from Peru or Bolivia (locality unsertain), drawing available. Det.: Tillandsia virescens s. str.
  9. Tillandsia cf. polzii  from Alex Riemis (2 Jan 1999) bought as T.aeranthos "purple giant".
  10. Tillandsia "Inca Gold"  from Alex Riemis (6 Jan 1999) sold in the US earlier as "unknown fragrant Peru". Det.: Tillandsia "Kashkin"
  11. Tillandsia spec. #2 from Alex Riemis (6 Jan 1999) probably from Argentina.
  12. Tillandsia hybrid? This plant was bought by Marie Robinson at either the Sydney Conference in 1991 or the Brisbane Conference in 1993 but she lost the label.
  13. Tillandsia cf. paleacea apurimacensis from Derek Butcher (11 Feb 1999) It was found in Peru!!! Sorry but no further details! [see replies]
  14. Tillandsia cf. deppeana BUT....from Derek Butcher (22 Feb 1999)
  15. Tillandsia cf. fasciculata from Alex Riemis (17 Mar 1999) 40 km SW of Oaxaca, Mexico Det.: T. cf. beutelspacheri
  16. Tillandsia cf. nuptialis from Derek Butcher (06 Apr 1999) originated from Renate Ehlers and collected in Brazil, at Morro do Coco
  17. Tillandsia sp.Cuba from Alex Riemis, exact locality unknown.
  18. Tillandsia aff.sphaerocephala from Alex Riemis, exact locality unknown. Sp.aff.sphaerocephala: Peru, Prov. Cusco, Ollantaytambo, 3000 m., terrestial.  [see replies]
  19. Tillandsia carminea ‘Dennis’  from Derek Butcher,  from Dennis Cathcart at Tropiflora
  20. Tillandsia cochabambae/zecheri from (Jeremy Rhine/Velick in California) Derek Butcher. Det.: T. cf. gerdae
  21. Tillandsia spec.#3 from Charles Dills. Det.: Tillandsia hondurensis
  22. Tillandsia cf. streptocarpa: from Len Colgan / Derek Butcher from the Dotterer's nursery in Germany. It was amongst thousands of plants imported from Knize
  23. Tillandsia x floridana: from Derek Butcher: I think that the enclosed is Tillandsia x floridana.
  24. Tillandsia spiralipetala/tricholepis var. macrophylla: from Derek Butcher: Challenges
  25. Tillandsia nana/calocephala from Derek Butcher: Karel Knize from Lima Peru
  26. Tillandsia cf. buchii from Derek Butcher: Received as T. buchii but it seems closest to T. rotundata
  27. Tillandsia cf. macrochlamys from Derek Butcher at Len's house. Det.: Tillandsia macrochlamys (3) and Tillandsia   nuyooensis (1)
  28. Tillandsia cf. setacea from Eric Gouda at Utrecht Botanic Garden.
  29. Tillandsia cf. virescens from Derek Butcher (Jan. 2001) Argentina.
  30. Tillandsia cf. stricta 'Piniformis' from Derek Butcher (Feb. 2001) from Lydia Kohres in 1995
  31. Tillandsia sp. from Ignacio Moreno, plant wild collected from Colombia.
  32. Aechmea sp. from José Roque (Jan. 2003) from Peru, Loreto. Det.:  Aechmea retusa
  33. Aechmea (Streptocalyx) sp. collected by P.Maas: Peru, Puerto Almedras; 1994
  34. Six Tillandsioids from Peru, photographed by Alex Riemis in the wild (27 Oct 2003)
  35. Tillandsia cf. baliophylla, by Derek Butcher  (Febr. 2004)
  36. Bromeliaceae from Tomas Kubicek (Wed, 24 Mar 2004) Det.: Quesnelia lateralis
  37. Tillandsia cf. didisticha from Eric Gouda (unkown origin 30 24 Mar 2004)
  38. Navia sp. from Ronald Pardo, AVBRO Asociación Venezolana de Bromeliología


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