Standard List of Descriptive Characters for Bromeliaceae

We are working on a standard list of Descriptive Characters for Bromeliaceae in the DELTA format (DEscription Language for TAxonomy). There are several programs to process the data and many more will be develloped in the near future!

We would like that this wil be used by Taxonomists and Enthusiasts working with Bromeliaceae. Any comment on the list is welkome (mail box below), to make it as useful as it can be.

The Taxasoft software can be used to work on the Characters List, but also other DELTA based programs are available, especially for processing (making natural language descriptions, keys, diagnostic descriptions etc.)

The most resent version of the Characters List will be availlable via this Web site in text format.

Last modified: June 5, 1998 / E.J.Gouda