Open Source DeltaXML Project

This project is initiated to create a multi language DeltaXML format that can serve as a transfer format between the standard DELTA format and (My)SQL databases.
The main goal is to create Web based tools for interchange data between Natural language descriptions and the DELTA format (Standard or XML or MySQL), and later to produce web based data processing tools for creating formatted identification keys and make online identification possible.
Applications based on SQL queries are expected to be very fast especially with large data sets. It will make it possible to work with a group of people on the same dataset, even on the same item at the very same moment. To have your data available any where at any time on any Computer on any platform with internet access and a browser available.

Standard tools

The project is using the browser as the interface and open source software like XAMPP (Apache Friends) as the server part for the Web. Using PHP script language and MySQL database for development. Any other server with PHP (5) and SQL can be used. XAMPP can be installed and used on a stand alone PC. Standard tools like Microsofts XML editor can be used to view the XML data.

What has been done?

What must be done




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Eric Gouda

Updated July 29 2016 12:01