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Taxasoft Botanic Garden (Collection Data Management System)

The main development is done at the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens and is based on earlier development of Atlantis Botanic Garden that is still in use by us in Utrecht. It uses a general web based database interface used at the BG for Taxonomy and other projects. This is an Open Source Project and the source can be accessed at Github.

The database is fully ITF2 (TDWG standard) compatible and data exchange with ITF2 as well as in XML format is possible. If running on a server it can be accessed from all over the world using an Internet browser, but it can be installed on a stand alone PC too. A separate access pont (site) can be created for the public as well as a Seed List created directly from the database.

The Database program is Web based and consist 3 main PHP files and uses MySQL
It can be used on a Linux Server or stand alone on a PC/MAC

The Database program works with XML configuration files (.XML) and is transparant, which means, it basically knows nothing about the Database and Table structure. It is driven by the XML configuration file and additional functionality is added in a special include file. The structure of the database can be viewed here (if you do not see the data [eg Firefox], use the brouwser view source option to make it visible).

Most functionality is build into a special include file and if features

The Database created is just a start and can be opened by: index1.php?dBase=taxasoftbg It is a nearly empty database for a start.


It will be used at the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens in the near future as we are preparing the migration from Atlantis BG to Taxasoft BG. In the mean while we can run pilots for other Botanic Gardens that are interested in working with this database. At first a project can start on our BG server and can be moved to your own server or stand alone PC later on.

The first pilot we are running is for Kaunas Botanic Garden in Lithuania and you can have a look at the database, but for editing and full functionality a login is provided.


Project manager Eric Gouda

Updated July 29 2016 12:27