Taxasoft DeltaXML Editor


This is the bta version of DXedit.php. It can be used on this location (Site) for testing purposes only.
You can select a project from the File menu or enter a new one.

Taxasoft DXedit is primary an open source DELTA and DeltaXML editor, but can do much more than that. It extents the Delta format to real multy language Taxonomic Data Management that is not supported by the standard Delta format, but it is in the newly defined DeltaXML. This is standard XML format based on Delta and the data can be exchanged between the both formats using the Taxasoft tools or simply this editor.

What can you do with DXedit:

Open source

Open source means that the source is free for other developers and that you can use the program on your own PC, MAC, Linux or other platform computer. You need PHP and SQL service and for your PC you can use the very easy to use XAMPP (Apache friends) packet. Most Internet providers support the use of their PHP & MySQL services.
Of course you can contribute to the project if you think the use of Taxasoft is useful to you. Monetary contributions are welcome, but you can also help with testing the program or help develop it further.

Hope the project will be valuable to your Taxonomic work.

Eric J. Gouda
Utrecht Univ. Botanic Gardens