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NEOREGELIA ‘Red Waif’ Hendrix, G.,/ (Johnson, C.*) 1979

(Hendrix Grex #7902). Small plant with stoloniferous branching like 'Fireball' - smaller than 'Fireball' in dark red with red speckling. and sometimes slight lime green cross-bands. Only one plant was selected from the grex, which blooms too soon resulting in many pups. It is identical to the latter-named 'Cayenne'. There is also a 'Little Waif' in circulation that appears to be a smaller version of 'Red Waif' but what is the norm for 'Red Waif'?
Country of origin: Florida USA

Seed Parent: 'Zebrina' Pollen Parent: 'Fireball'
Registration Documents 1991, JBS 44:29, 218, PineapplePl 96