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AECHMEA ‘Suenos (Suenios)’ Hummel <1966

cv. of recurvata v. benrathii X cylindrata v. micrantha(?) - (gamosepala??) - Hummel said, "Very miniature to 6" tall, flowering plant fits nicely in 3" pots - its 12-15 leaves are upright and reasonably compact - there is some variation in the height of the flower spike - at times it is recessedąTips of the bracts are black with flowers of indigo blue - will take frost" - Vandervort said, "Erect tubular rosette, rather pale green in good light, darker in low light - lightly armored - bracts rosyred - petals deep blue - blooms near Xmas in California" - See GolinskiVideo1997 for image.

Seed Parent: recurvata v. benrathii Pollen Parent: cylindrata v. micrantha(?)
BSI-ICBH-1979; JBS 16:85, KentCat1971, NJB1976, PineapplePl 96, TF1978, CargoRpt#5-5;#7-5, MB1998