Operating Rules (draft)

1. Name and description

The Website Committee is a standing committee of the Bromeliad Society International charged with planning and managing the website ( The Committee is composed the Webmaster, a committee chair, the President of the BSI, and interested and technically able members of the Board of Directors and general membership. Members, Directors, and Chairs of other committees that need to participate in managing the website [Do we need to make these people part of the committee? They would include the Vice President, the Chair of the next WBC, the Seed Fund Chair, etc.]. The website is a critical component of the organization that serves as a first line face of the BSI; a resource for information; the fastest place to join, renew, or donate; and to provide resources to our members (Journal, directory, binomial, etc).

2. Roles on the Committee

a. Webmaster

The role of the Webmaster (who could also be the Chair) is to be in charge of the technical aspects of the website. This includes managing the…

b. Chair of the Website Committee

The role of the Chair (who could also be the Webmaster) is to drive more of the vision, planning, and content of the website. The continuing role is to manage the content, ensuring things are up to date, things are rotated as necessary.

c. Members of Committee

The role of the members is dependent on the interests and the abilities of each member. These can be as simple as assisting in editing and spot checking pages of the website all the way to directly helping the Webmaster with the programming and backside of the website. All members are expected to think about aspects that need improved or added to create a better website.

d. Contributors to the Website

Contributors to the website have roles in the BSI where they either regularly or periodically provide content that needs to be published.

  • i. The Vice President is expected to contribute updates and necessary documents/forms relating to the WBC
  • ii. Chair of the next WBC (same as above)
  • iii. Registrar (right now directly working with Webmaster)
  • iv. Seed Fund Chair provide updates to changes in availability
  • v. Wally Berg Award/Nominations/Other Annual or Biennial announcements/projects

3. Structure of the Website

The website is currently managed within WordPress along with xx for the member’s login, and (xx) for the BCR, xx, xx. Google Analytics with password?

4. Passwords and Access

a. Top level access and admin is controlled and maintained by the Webmaster (and chair?) b. Committee members and Contributors …have access? What level? How many tiers can we manage via WordPress? c. Passwords for the Webmaster (and Chair?) are to also be shared/stored/backed up with (President? Secretary?…)

5. Adding/Editing Content

Note: do we need to divide and explain separately

  1. adding new content
  2. editing content, and
  3. publishing live/switching changes?

Content and edits other than grammatical updates need to be checked by … before being published live. New sections added should be reviewed by 3 (?) people (at least one of being either Webmaster or Chair?) for layout and spelling/grammar. This is for whole new sections/reorganizations, not simply adding a new article (like a new update for the Conference Corner). Thoughts/Ideas/Concerns?

6. Crisis Management

At first notice of a problem, notify Webmaster, Chair, President (?), (manager of section?) to alert them of problem. If it is a simple fix, whoever is capable with access should fix and notify others of course of action, what may have been the cause, etc. More involved problems require communication of what needs to be done, who can do it, and when it is expected to be resolved. Note: Do we need to break this down into different levels of problems? Simple editing or factual errors, missing/broken pages/links, etc? Each should have a different course of action…but what needs to be specified?

7. Style Guide?

‘Soft’ guidelines expectations for articles/content? Approximate length of paragraphs? Picture ratio to fit in slots (especially front page slide show)?

8. Annual Report

An annual report will be prepared 2 months prior to the Board Meeting and distributed via the relay. Report will consist of Members of the committee, trouble spots and how they were handled, potential problems to watch for, plans for the following year (and maybe longer) and how they will be implemented, and some analytical summary of user activity and general website usage by the public. The report will be prepared by the Chair and the Webmaster together. Periodic reports should be presented to the ODC Relay as needed to present progress and needs, especially during periods of high activity (this coming year or two in particular).

Other topics to Discuss:

Do we need to have the process of everything at least listed or outlined here? Things like:

  • Ongeordende lijstEmail distribution lists
  • How web membership works (what do we do with members, how we deactivate memberships when BSI memberships expire, etc?)
  • Do we have a specified FB manager?
  • Other processes….

— Andy, First Draft Oct. 2, 2015

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